Monday, 4 April 2011

This is Tomorrow. ( Typography 2)

We had the 2nd typography brief about 3weeks ago, which we had to present our two black & white double page spreads for the proposed 'This is Tomorrow' publication. Kingston uni will splash it out later in this year. we had to forecast the future by using typography. 

Through research we found out about a recent breakthrough, which enables a human kidney to be produced using a 3d printer. Thinking about how this would develop in the future we began to wonder what effect it would have on DNA being passed through generations, since it does not have its own DNA code before being put into the body. Looking into other factors that would have a similar effect on DNA we became more interested in what would become of the DNA we know. As the DNA would become less present within the human body, it would have to be replaced by a new molecular structure. Taking the concept of DNA mutation in the future, we applied this to typography and altered the way in which the DNA code is normally shown.
(We actually used a burned cigarette to create a mutation typefaces. The causes of DNA mutations are Ultraviolet light ,radiation and smoking, alcohol and so on)

The picture above is the 2nd spreads page as the 1st spreads page is still in progress. This is because, we were planing to design 1st and 2nd pages in a neat and organised way as it is for the description of our concept and the future. But we found out that those 2 pages were to different to the 2nd spreads page. So, this is why we decided to design again by using the 2nd spreads grid ( it should be more playfully expressed like the 2nd spreads page ) .
I'll post all as soon as we finish it. 

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