Thursday, 7 April 2011

Self-Initiated 2 ( final pieces)

A  20 years old boy, who is a Mc donald's junkie , loves rock music.

36 years old PHD film making student.
  ( an old maid)
  ( I cut and folded the opposite side of white triangle part. )

A  24 years old  MA student, who is studying human resources. 
 ( he must be such a boring guy..) 

 A retired sweet couple. Everything was in pairs in their garbage.

 A 35 years old florist, who's got fed up with her job.

Through research I found out that‘everyone’s garbage is not the same. Different sites have different potential and an individual country’s or region’s dumps show characteristics relating to the identity of this particular region. That is why I decided to look into garbage of Kingston habitants as I could find the clear evidence. I was even able to presume what kind of people they were by simply checking their garbage.

I wondered what would happen if I characterised people by looking into their bin, without getting any information from them and then, comparing it with real facts. My guesses almost matched with the truth. So, I started thinking about making portraits of people by using another media instead of just photographing their rubbishes. I then became more interested in expressing them in typography as I made a typographical essay about them.

So, I created 5 different posters, each poster has a different personality and character of people as I imagine it, without them telling me about themselves. I used different methods to express each person such as digital fonts and hand drawn fonts, some water-colour, folding papers and so on.

( some of based research is under the typography 2 project)

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