Monday, 2 May 2011

locked myself in a confined space. (self initiated 3)

Me and Rachel M were given a word 'inmate'  as a start point of our self initiated-3. 
After not getting a reply from requesting prison visits and prison pen pals we decided to experience being a prisoner ourselves. we locked ourselves in a confined space with four sheets of writing paper, one pen, some envelopes and a plastic cup, which prisoners are given upon arrival to take into their cell. We monitored our boredom as seen on our recordings and found ourselves, not locked up long, showed some of the same signs of boredom that prisoners do. we found out that boredom kills brain cells and day out monotony can be dangerous to your health as it can lead to more serious physical and mental conditions. Theses facts were also visible to more serious physical and mental conditions. These facts were also visible with inmates in the zoo who also pace back and forwards, sit motionless and self-harm. Some animals are also given anti-depressants. We are going to visit London Zoo and compare the behaviour and boredom or animals to the prisoners and how they deal with living in a confined monotonous space. 

This video is one of our experiments to explore ourselves as being an inmate. 
It was the worse time I've ever had in my life. BOREDOM is fairly enough to express how I felt in there. 
(The definition of video is rather poor,because, I decided to reduce the file size to spend less time uploading the video on my blog,so it turned out with a poor quality.)
It's just a start, so we'll develop far more than now. ( really hope it'll go well) 

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