Saturday, 11 February 2012

Average Font

                              By Moritz Resl

                              904 typefaces are merged all together in this video,
                              it actually looks rather like hand-drawn. 

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Olympic Poster.

2012 Comradeship.
Its rare to experience all sports in one place together. My response as a graphic designer explores this event of comradeship and activity. Figures reflect the hybrid of 5 different strengths required to compete in the games, such as geometric rhythm, speed, agility and accuracy. With a more distanced perspective as a foreign student, I was drawn towards a more positive outlook on the games. 

At the end of this week, my work was featured on Creative Review blog by Patrick.
We were given the same brief that the artists were given, to create a personal response to the Olympics.  
If you click the link above, there are more designs from Kingston University students. 

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Protest via PDF and printer.

Sign Language from socially_awkwrd on Vimeo.

Free to Protest supplies visual material for protest marches and demonstrations.
Click here to read the article about it!


This brief was set by Graphicdesign&. We were given the first chapter of Great Expectation by Charles Dickens and had to re- lay out the page. 
collaborated with Libby W. 

We explored the act of reading; the first impression you get from reading a book, especially the first page. We found out that there are two ends to the spectrum of 'readers': from the ones that immerse themselves in the book world to the ones who are put off by it. We decided to use synonyms to represent the different imaginations that people have even through reading the same text. All the relevant synonyms have been illustrated to show the complexity of the written novel. The font chosen for our design was Times New Roman because we wanted to keep as close to the original as possible. This was purely because our concept might seem 'muddled' if a new typeface was introduced. It is set between 6pt and 9.5pt.


“To me there’s nothing more important than personal hygiene. 

“I love coming home so I can have baked beans on toast.”

“I cook wherever I am, really. I tend to cook the most in our beach house.”

 “A bath and money. Those are the high points of a man’s life!”

“Wherever I watch TV and see those poor starving kids all over the world. 
I can’t help but cry. I mean I’d love to be skinny like that but not with all those flies and death and stuff”
“I am very passionate about cleanliness and housework".

“Im going home and I will be washing the dishes.”
“I have a toot brush in my car, in my bedroom, bathroom, kitchen. 
I have them all over the house, I brush all the time!”

This was a typography project, but,very different approach from the actual ordinary typography brief. 
We were given the word 'MONACO' By JULIA and had to make a publication with it as we had to use a typeface called monaco, which was a monospaced sans-serif typeface and a very boring font for mac. I very much enjoyed it as my group was brilliantly worked well together.  We found facts about monaco that this tiny country is one of the most ridiculously richest country in the world. Also, people who live there are millionaires. 
So, we have replaced the ordinary materials that these products consist of with luxurious alternatives, hoping to illustrate the ridiculous ideas we imagine of the lives of the wealthy. Each image of the objects has a quote taken from famously wealthy Monacan citizens, which mockingly suggest that these objects might actually exist in their world.  We tried to represent the ostentatious notion of the content with the dominant scale, very unconstructed folding shape ,and golden corners. However, the folding was necessarily needed as we are planing to make a very huge posh book by it. 

Collaborated with Tamara E, Sam C, Rossie F, Yujin K, Jamina. 

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Continuing 'Riotous Dialogue'.

This is still in progress... There is a mismatch between context and intention. The visual language/ image chosen to represent youth is misleading as in the headline..  
Who is my audience? ....

Your work should communicates itself without explanation.. This reminded me why I wanted to do graphic design.. I always tell my mum that Im not an artist! I AM A GRAPHIC DESIGNER. I draw, but my works are not drawing... anyway... If I wanna be a graphic designer, I've got to understand what's the contexts and contents and how to make my piece communicates clearly. 

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Riotous Dialogue.

 We were given the brief that we had to used a public space with the dialogue between The rioter, reporter and photographer..
This was pretty hard as the dialogue was well long and hard to use in a public space in a very convinced and effective way. Also, we only had less than 5 days.. These are 3 different tones of voice from one idea that I had.
Conflicting childhood innocence with the devastation and reality of the riots.
I decided to use a primary school as a backdrop for this dialogue as a way of questioning what kind of world our children will grow up in. the riot; a lack of moral consciousness induced by lack of prospects
for our youths today. How long will it be before the vestiges of these events will be wept up and forgotten about? Frustration, Sympathy and Negativity were the various approaches i hoped to present. 

This is still in progress as we had to just present the brief ideas. 
I'm thinking of developing it as a school campaign or something that involves children like school activities. Also, I could use the fence as the based of elements that I could design a new typeface... 

Monday, 10 October 2011

What is graphic design?

 99% understanding of applying contexts to contents means I've become a well prepared graphic designer.. 
I reckon I've understood 0.000000001% of it...... one of my aims of this final year is to understand the meaning of contents and contexts..... You'd never guess how many times I'd looked up the dictionary.. Never found the proper answer. I bet I've got to clearly understand what these mean in the graphic design term. Now I remember. one of my tutors, who I used to really admire from my previous uni, used to mention about contents and contexts all the time. It's such a shame that I haven't clarified it yet... Im not sure when Im gonna be able to use these perfectly. ha ha...