Sunday, 23 October 2011

Riotous Dialogue.

 We were given the brief that we had to used a public space with the dialogue between The rioter, reporter and photographer..
This was pretty hard as the dialogue was well long and hard to use in a public space in a very convinced and effective way. Also, we only had less than 5 days.. These are 3 different tones of voice from one idea that I had.
Conflicting childhood innocence with the devastation and reality of the riots.
I decided to use a primary school as a backdrop for this dialogue as a way of questioning what kind of world our children will grow up in. the riot; a lack of moral consciousness induced by lack of prospects
for our youths today. How long will it be before the vestiges of these events will be wept up and forgotten about? Frustration, Sympathy and Negativity were the various approaches i hoped to present. 

This is still in progress as we had to just present the brief ideas. 
I'm thinking of developing it as a school campaign or something that involves children like school activities. Also, I could use the fence as the based of elements that I could design a new typeface... 

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