Monday, 4 April 2011

Self-Initiated 2 (experiment 1)

I started off the 2nd self-initiated project about 2 weeks ago, I've been quite struggling with generating ideas, because of being too obsessive of producing a good work. 
Luckily, I came up with an idea, which is related to the major issue, is creating rubbishes. Every single person creates a huge amount of rubbishes (even babies), which means it has become a big part of our life.

I found out that 'Everyone's garbage is not the same. Different sites have different potential and an individual country's or region's dumps show characteristics relating to the culture'.  So, I thought, what if I characterise and identify people by looking into their garbage, not their appearances.! People tend to judge others by appearance, because, it is the only way to be seen by eyes. SO, I AM MAKING PORTRAITS OF PEOPLE  BY JUST OBSERVING THEIR GARBAGE, WITHOUT THEM TELLING ME ABOUT THEMSELVES

I did some experiment as I could find the evidence that rubbishes are utterly showing people's characters. I could even presume whether they are  girls or boys or families, even their jobs.  Due to my concept, I had to take rubbishes at night .
Even though, I was  literally stealing worthless , useless stuffs from them. it made me feel like being a kind of night thief. 

Anyway, the project is in progress as I'll develop far more than now. I am so excited about it!. ha! 

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