Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Project 'HOME" 1


When I was about to join the 2nd year graphic design course at Kingston University, I was given a brief with the 1year students, was called 'HOME".
When I got the brief, I wasn't really sure that how I should  define my home. I was kind of stuck as I didn't know what is home to me. I would define my life as a maple tree which flies away every autumn and take a root in somewhere else and starts a new life. The thing is a maple seed can represents my life, but not my home.

My home is more like a bird's nest as it seems quite cozy, but the actual feeling is quite hard and rough. This is exactly how I would define my home as I've gone through very unusual childhood. So, I made a nest with negative films ,which can only be the evidence of my childhood and my childhood diary, which is written about my unforgettable childhood.
I tore and cut these out and make it looks like a bird nest.
If you look at the work you can see the bird in the nest which represents me as it flies away becomes a white sheet of new paper.

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