Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Project 'HOME" 2


This work was for 'home' project as well. It's a different point of view to the 1st work.
Since, when I was 17, started living independently as I haven't settled down in the same place for a long time. So, It is hard to say that where is my home. But, I would define my recent room as my home. 
Also, where ever I settle down, I always carry the pictures of my family and friends ,which are very crucial to me.  The weird thing is that the more I move my home, the more I get pictures of memorable friends.
If you look at the strangely made face, it seems like not the only one person is in the image. This is because, I combined my face with the latest friends faces as they make my new home for me. And, I drew the atlas map on the hair to represents my uncertain home. Also, there are a few coloured shapes on the face and the top of the head,which represent my mum, because, she loves the sound of a bell, so I tried to visualise it. My mum has made me the person I am today as she is a part of my home.

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