Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Art CD cover Design. (2006)

“NELL”/Art CD cover design

The aim of this project was to design a CD cover which is artistic and not for commercial purpose. Thus, I chose 
one of my favourite albums, which was released by an indie band called ‘NELL’. I decided re-design their 3rd 
record, called ‘Lost Heart’. Most lyrics are about love and broken hearts, so I drew about the story of the lyrics. 
The design of the box symbolises a broken-hearted person’s obsession in the story. If you look outside of the 
box, there is a string which ties the box. It comes from the front of the character’s heart and ends on the 
character‘s hand, at the back of the box. Also, the illustrations are made to feel gloomy because of the songs’ 
concept. This Art CD is the only one that exists in the world.

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