Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Package Deign. (2006)

“RAISON” Cigarette Package Design.

This cigarette packaging is not just about good design. A lot of tobacco companies carry many warnings about smoking. However, they do not actually show the harmful effects on people’s health, so this assignment was to show that if people smoke too much, they will suffer from a fatal disease. The Korean Tobacco Company has tried to put some pictures on cigarette boxes, but, they were not helpful in persuading people to quit smoking. Therefore, I expressed the images directly on parts of the box. When you have a look at the front of the box, there is a normal picture. However, if you open the box, you will see a decayed, ill part of body. Also, I researched what kinds of diseases we can get by smoking. After that I utilized those sources on each box in a different way. However, there is one box which doesn’t seem to be a part of the body. This is because smoking people can get a disease on their genitals, but, it was too confronting to illustrate as it is, so I drew a banana instead.

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