Sunday, 9 October 2011

My final year of Uni has begun.

 I was given the word ' What are they like inside'. 
One of my ideas was looking into mixed cultural aspects.
So, I decided to visit the specific areas where foreign families settled in and how the areas have become. Even though, their lives are based on the UK, but, their cultural living patters have a huge impact on it. So, I decided to look for something that has got its own colour of their culture. 
I went 'Southall', where is a famous for a mixed culture area & South Asian. 
All the shops have Idian-ish atmosphere as they lay out massive products on the same selves. I was very into the graphic elements of those displays.  

We were meant to have 3 different ideas, but mine was just the facts of images, not ideas yet.. All the pictures I've taken didn't have contexts on it. I think I'd stopped developing further.. laziness.

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