Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Finding Alphabets in daily life. (2006)

I designed a poster with materials that I gathered through research. We usually study typography by using computers or reading books indoors, but there are lots of means to study typography outdoors. Therefore, the aim of this assignment was finding the alphabet in daily life by taking pictures. Although it was quite hard to find every single English letter, it was great enjoyment which helped me to produce a good piece of work. This task’s purpose was to see how many English letters are hidden in daily life. Not only did I design a poster with photo-graphs, but also, I utilized visual graphic components. It you look at this poster, you will see some pictures following those words with your eyes, and you can read “TYPOGRAPHY*”. Also, if you read vertical lines which say Pay attention to daily life at anyplace, you can find such great materials for fun and it helps to enhance creativity *.+@# ”

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