Wednesday, 15 September 2010

The driving force of life.(2007)

The aim of this work was to find what is “The driving force of life”. This work was quite comprehensive, so I set a limit on the word’s range of the meanings, because, I needed to take a picture to show what gives us energy. I took pictures of healthy food ingredients. We usually enjoy a specialty on special occasions to keep fit in Korea. Also, those are especially important to men, so that is why I chose this material for the contents. Those components were too direct to express, so I tried to make the raw stuff into patterns, which were surprisingly changed to create great graphic components. The aim of this work was to find “The driving force in our life” in a funny, unique way. Therefore, I put some titles on each divided section in the pattern book. Also, each section shows different types of food ingredients such as fish and meat. 

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