Thursday, 19 May 2011


In researching the subject of the North/South divide we decided that what really divided the country was regional competitiveness, and by extension the cheese that comes from that region, as opposed to the supposed North/South Divide.
As a result of this we fabricated a situation where new government legislation made it illegal to produce, distribute of consume all regional cheese, with the nation's cheese producers told to now focus of producing'Universal English'.
This was in the vain attempt to boost Britain's economy, but really all it did was create a black-market for regional cheese for those who still craved their beloved cheese and wanted to identify themselves with their cheese roots.
For the crit we had a poster advertising one of these black-market cheese sellers and carried out a quick sale outside uni before the rozzers came. 

Here is the link that we presented our project on the crit!. Have a look!

Collaboration with Fred N, Alice T, Jamie L. 

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