Thursday, 10 February 2011

Self Initiated 1 " Time Travel"

My Original concept was about the contrast between volumes and sounds in different locations. I then experimented more with the concept in various places, for example Kingston market and Borough market. I chose places that would be busy and have high footfall. The locations lacked the impact that I wanted from the concept, so I realised I needed somewhere that would have extraordinary impact. This led me to Liverpool street station. The location offered me more flexibility and chance to more experiments. I found at certain times, people would become tense and anxious by constantly looking at their phones and boards, watches not to miss the trains. The people that I recorded reflected my research. I found the fact about 'Time Travel',which is the concept of moving between different points in time or sending objects forward from the present to the future without the need to experience the intervening period. I chose to change the movement by slowing down and reversing it to make it more dramatic. The sound gets faster to show the pattern of movement that they make and the feeling of anxiety. All people understand that the advanced technology does not wait for them. 

My other work is a 2d piece that focuses on the specific patterns of people's movement. I compressed the figures of people to give them the impression of black hole, which represents people going into the carriages. ( it is going to be tryptic)

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