Sunday, 14 November 2010


Aneta and I worked for the initiated photography project together.
Our project was about the first time people arrive to a new country.
Being in a new place is always hard for people to cope with intimidating.
People face so many difficulties such as getting lost, speaking different languages, feeling anxious and afraid.
We've interviewed people who came to the UK to live independently.
There were many interesting answers such as"worried to get accepted and confused, exciting new things to see, different experience, loneliness, getting lost." So we decided to observe and photograph people who just arrived/ been here for less than 48 hours, because the first couple of days people are usually trying to get familiar with the atmosphere/ surroundings.
+Actually, in the final cirit we had chosen wrong pictures which were dull and boring, although, we had taken so many good photographs.
I wish, we had chosen the right pictures to show people our concept more clearly... I've realised that street photography is much harder & emotional, attractive than setting up photography. I started to love it! 


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