Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Designing new visual textures in typography.

I had to invent new textures for the texture project, actually, the project was more for product & interior design students. However, textures don't always have to be touched by hands, it also can be just seen to convey feeling of it. So, I decided to invent visual textures which relate to graphic design. Before I started to experiment my ideas, I had made few rules by myself were using just typography to invent new textures and using just a piece of paper lines to design my own typeface. However, If you look at my typeface which says DESIGN, is made of metal. This is because, luckily I had had an advice that I can fold metal  as the same way as papers!. So, I could use lights' reflection to invent textures of my own typeface. 
The project is unfinished, so I might have to continue it later on in my spare time.

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